Art of Sebastian Cast III

Art of Sebastian Cast III


Content: cartoons and illustrations / sketches / step by step / different techniques / section
special with student work

Prologue by: JASON SEILER
More than 100 works
Quality illustration 21x28cm.

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“In the world of art or genre’s of art, I can safely say that there is no shortage when it comes to the art of caricature, or caricaturists. I’ll go a bit further and say that there are probably too many, they have become a dime a dozen and not many separate themselves from the crowd or do anything in particular that blow me a way. There are of course many caricaturists out there who are just brilliant and are full on pro’s, and Sebastian is an artist who earns the title of a fun, and creative caricaturist! I personally feel that too many caricaturists focus too much on the exaggeration rather than capturing the character and feeling of their subjects. Exaggeration is of course important and fun and can really help push your style and or message to great places but it shouldn’t distract or take away from who your subject is. Sebastian has a nice mix of both exaggeration and likeness, form, and painting technique. If you love caricature and respect good drawing and painting, then this is the book for you!”

Jason Seiler

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Dimensions 21 × 29 cm


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