Ares 100 Awarded Cartoons

Ares 100 Awarded Cartoons


ISBN: 978-960-973-412-7

SIZE: 16×23
PAGES: 140



“A diverse, astonishing collection. So many prizewinning drawings…
They are now grouped together for a first contact. Or for a revisualization of Ares’s already viewed works. It is a proving compendium.
Ares will remain bound to poetry, testimony and reflection, better thinking the future course of his work and, as a rule, resetting it in precise, alerting books.

Of all his books, this is one of the most complete because it is perhaps his best hallmark among the vast community of cartoonists. And it holds a key position within it: the judges have deemed it so as well. It illustrates the universality he has achieved through the years. It is a faithful contribution. Art and more. Visual writing. Stone.”


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